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Football for Water has developed into a highly innovative and well-appreciated initiative. The results are promising: the 412.452 pupils at 548 Football for Water schools are healthier and perform better in school. In 2018 we will investigate opportunities to expand the program to more schools, maybe even to other countries.

Do you want to join us? Please contact our Program Manager, Machtelt Oudenhuijzen at

Alumni and private donors: Adopt a school

The pupils of our schools are proud of the achievements of their school. And to be honest, being in a school that has decent facilities that are well taken care off, is something to be very proud of. We see that many of the graduates remain attached to their schools. Some alumni are still actively supporting the school with their knowledge and skills. Others contribute financially to their former schools. The funding they provide is used to fund the maintenance of the facilities.

Do you want to donate to a specific school? You can check were we work in our database. Please contact our country coordinators to check out the possibilities.

Local business opportunities

Small and Medium Enterprises and impact investors: Invest in innovation

Football for Water believes in local ownership and cost recovery. When donors invest in the installation of facilities, how can we ensure sustainable operations and maintenance?

The creativity at school level for new sustainable cost recovery models is inspiring, profits or rent are used to finance operations and maintenance of the facilities:

  • Water Kiosk: an entrepreneur exploits the overcapacity of the school water facilities;
  • Farmers rent school land for farming or gardening. The produce is sold via the Kiosk or on local markets;
  • Pupils are active in school gardening. Produce is sold on local markets or via the school Water Kiosk;
  • Renting out school facilities (football pitch) for events;
  • BioGas installations with school waste as fuel for the school kitchen;
  • Soap production;
  • Urine re-use in which school urine is sold to an entrepreneur that uses it as ingredient for biological fertilizer;
  • Receive rent for a Cyber café, in which the school’s energy (solar panel), land and internet connection are used by an entrepreneur to run a cyber café.

These models show a promising potential of getting the costs for operations and maintenance covered and the facilities sustainable. Donors get value for their money!

Donors and NGO’s: Football for Water and the SDGs

The program addresses a range of social needs as access to clean water and sanitation are improved and it has impact on education, health and gender equality. As such, Football for water addresses several Sustainable Developments Goals.

When you see the children, schools and communities in action, it is clear that change is happening.  The enthusiasm for football in combination with impactful WASH statements is contagious and inspiring. Evaluations indicate that behavior change is really achieved. Pupils are the change agents of tomorrow. We also see retailers who regard schools as emerging market platforms.

Besides that, the program offers entry points for scalable transactions of goods, technology, products and services. Using education creates a win-win in social impact. The economic opportunities trigger NGOs, local governments and the private sector to work together.

Therefore we are looking for new investors/financiers (public- as well as private sector) in order to scale up the program and finance the operation and maintenance of the WASH & Football facilities.

Do you want to join our movement and are you interested in investing in Football for Water?

Please contact one of our Country coordinators