About us

Our mission

Football for Water is working to provide sustainable and safe water and sanitation facilities to more than 600 schools and to improve the hygiene behavior of at least 520.000 children and their families in Ghana, Mozambique and Kenya.

The love of football is a tool for inspiring positive behavior change and healthy life skills. An unlikely combination? Let us explain!

We know that access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities in schools promotes better health and facilitates learning. The physical environment and cleanliness of a school and its WASH facilities can significantly improve the health and wellbeing of the pupils and their performance at school. Children and their families experience fewer incidences of water and sanitation-related diseases.

So what about the football? We use the passion for the game to engage pupils, their families and peers in the program. Investing in WASH facilities and hygiene behavior change is investing in the future of children.

The rules of the game

Football for Water is based on three important principles:

  1. Teamplay

Football for Water is a unique partnership between children, NGOs, the private sector and schools in the Netherlands, Ghana, Mozambique and Kenya. We combine our complementary strengths: local expertise in the field of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene and the power of football and other sports. By working together we can reach our goals and win the game!

  1. Coaching

Pupils (both boys and girls) are taught about healthy living habits through football. Strong and skilled coaches are essential - they act as role models for the children. Our WorldCoaches have excellent football skills, but are also very knowledgeable about health and hygiene. This is a winning combination to create positive change.

  1. Entrepreneurship

Football for Water uses entrepreneurial thinking to enhance the sustainability of the program results. Together with local entrepreneurs, our schools host projects (like Water Kiosks, Cyber Caf├ęs or School Gardens) that provide extra income for both the entrepreneur (profit) and the schools (rent). Our goal is to increase local ownership and commitment to WASH in schools while decreasing donor dependency.
schools (rent).