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Football for Water is a unique program in Ghana, Kenya and Mozambique in which the power of football is used to influence behavior in the field of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) among school going boys and girls. The program is initiated in 2012 and funded by key Dutch WASH in school players in the public sector, development organizations and the private sector.

The program is unique for many reasons but our main Unique Selling Point is the football/fun-factor. Football brings fun, team spirit and discipline into our life skills trainings which has a positive effect on motivation, memory retention and supports the creation of new skills and healthy habits.

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412.452 CHILDREN


412.452 CHILDREN


522.000 CHILDREN




Football brings fun and confidence to girls

We deliberately give girls the opportunity to play football. In the past, many primary schools may have had only a few balls to play with and those were always given to the boys. “Now we even have a competition for girls under 12!” Hilda Addah, coordinator at Beyond the GoalPost and of the WorldCoaches program in Ghana, says proudly. Girls start to feel strong through sports. “Football gave me the confidence to do so many of the things I do today,” says Mrs. Addah. And it will be the same for the girls participating. She explains: “You build stamina and confidence. And how you feel and think about yourself directs your actions.” Football for Water distributes balls to both girls and boys. “Girls may play in dresses and go without football shoes. But when playing, you should see their faces, they look so happy, like any other child.” And they start to feel strong through sports. Mrs. Addah explains: “You build stamina and confidence. And how you feel and think about yourself directs your actions.”


Handwashing & Hygiene

The simple act of handwashing with soap and water is one of the most effective ways to save children’s lives. Hygiene is not just about handwashing and building toilets. It is about changing the behavior of people and inspiring them to use toilets and wash their hands.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Schools need to be able to pay the bills for maintenance and cleaning of the WASH facilities. Entrepreneurial models, like water kiosks run by local entrepreneurs, can support them in attracting extra revenues.

(Inter)national opportunities

As successful WASH in school program with impact on education, health and gender equality the PPP Football for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene offers opportunities to local and (inter) national partners, donors, NGOs, investors and other stakeholders. We are ambitious and ready to scale.