Football for Water is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) of international donors and organisations, working closely with local stakeholders. We believe that the ownership of the game change should be at the local level. With the local stakeholders on board, we are able to create a greater spin-off and have a more sustainable impact on the lives of the children.

At the national level, the program is implemented by national public-private partnerships consisting of football and WASH organisations, private sector and governmental partners. At the local level, we work with community organisations, entrepreneurs, community leaders, local government, parents and school management.



Ghana is a football loving nation and by widely spreading the WASH message through role models, we believe we can positively change the sanitation and hygiene situation in the country

Hilda Addah (Beyond the Goalpost, implementing partner)

UNICEF Ghana is investigating possibilities to mainstream the program into the national school curriculum. Vitens Evides International works closely with Ghana Water to improve capacities of local officials and school management. Salvation Army aims to provide WASH facilities in 20 schools. And Beyond the Goalpost will ensure the football component at all schools, training the World Coaches and providing the life skills training. To make it all possible on the national and local level, we work closely with the School Health Education Programme (SHEP) and the Ghana Education Service (GES).

In Ghana, F4WASH reached 192,491 pupils, school staff and community members from 315 schools since 2012. For an overview of the results of Phase 2 in Ghana, click here.



Making all participating children wash ambassadors will be an enormous break-through in reaching the sustainable development goals and in line with Kenya’s vision 2030 on drinking water and sanitation


With UNICEF Kenya and Orange Link in the lead we focus on innovative models to provide extra revenues. The County Governments of Kisumu, Migori and Trans Nzoia are partner in 12 pilots for Water Kiosks and Cyber Café’s. The Civil Society Organizations in these counties ensure smooth implementation of the football component. Kisumu Youth Football Organization (KYFA), TYSA and CREATA Solidarity not only provide training of the World Coaches and life skills, they are also front runners of the innovative models.

In Kenya, F4WASH reached 283,812 pupils, school staff and community members from 264 schools since 2012. For an overview of the results of Phase 2 in Kenya, click here.



In our ambition we want Football for Water to be a programme where fun and play becomes an essential driver for education about WASH and life


Vitens Evides International worked closely with FACE and ProSport to implement the total programme in Mozambique. They made sure capacities were built and WorldCoaches were trained.

In Mozambique, F4WASH reached 260,068 pupils, school staff and community members from 170 schools since 2012. For an overview of the results of Phase 2 in Mozambique, click here


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