Football for Water is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) of international donors and organizations, working closely with local stakeholders. We believe that the ownership of the game change should be at local level. With the local stakeholders on board we are able to create a greater spin-off and have a more sustainable impact on the lives of the children.

At national level the program is implemented by national public-private partnerships consisting of football and WASH organizations, private sector and governmental partners. At local level we work with community organizations, entrepreneurs, community leaders, local government, parents and school management.


In Ghana we reached 138.659 pupils in schools since 2012. We aim to reach 22.750 more by 2019.

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In Kenya we reached 117.194 pupils in schools since 2012. We aim to reach 45.000 more by 2019.

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In Mozambique we reached 81.739 pupils in schools since 2012.

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