“With a cyber cafe we make the program more sustainable”

“We use income from our cyber cafe to maintain the school latrines”

Short interview with Veronica Otieno, head teacher of Pandpieri Primary School in Kisumu


“Thanks to the Football for Water program the health of our pupils has really improved”, Veronica Otieno, head teacher of Pandpieri Primary School in Kisumu town, tells. “Earlier, they didn’t know the importance of washing hands. Often they were having cholera or worms. You would see this even at their heads. But now they learned through the program about the importance of washing their hands before eating and after going to the toilet. Thanks to this, their health has really improved and less children are absent from school.”

However, the school doesn’t receive enough funds from the government to build more latrines. “We only receive 20.000 Kenyan Shillings (178 euro) per term for water and sanitation while emptying one pit latrine costs already 10.000 Kenyan Shillings (89 euro).”

As the school needs to find other funds to maintain their sanitation facilities, it has recently opened a cyber cafe in a private-public partnership between Football for Water, a local entrepreneur and the government. While the cyber cafe is at the school compound, it’s open to the public. “The income we receive through the cyber cafe, we use to maintain our toilets”, Otieno tells. “Hopefully we will generate some extra income that can be used to pay for emptying the pit latrines, maintenance and repairs of the facilities.”